Los Angeles
is in a biodiversity hotspot.

The region is home to rich biological diversity —
but it is also under a great deal of pressure

What’s in the Biodiversity Atlas?

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Important environmental and anthropogenic variables that influence biodiversity

Distribution maps of individual species and of species diversity

Protected areas designated for the conservation of biodiversity

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity describes the variety of life in a given region. It can refer to diversity of ecosystems, genetic diversity within a species, or, in the most common sense of the word, diversity of species.

What is a biodiversity hotspot?

Biodiversity hotspots are regions with exceptional levels of biodiversity that are also severely threatened. In LA, urban development has long presented a direct, immediate threat to species and habitats. Climate change is also expected to affect important environmental factors that support the region’s ecosystems.

What is the Biodiversity Atlas?

This project examines the current state of biodiversity in Los Angeles, California, in the hopes of contributing to regional sustainability efforts and the preservation of the region’s biodiversity.